1990 - An idea first conceived for British Airways, to assist them in the management of keys for their ground support vehicles

1993 - led to the installation of a prototype cabinet at British Airways.

1995 - First formed Traka Ltd

1995-2004 - Traka had grown rapidly, building upon its initial success, gaining many major accounts and opening up extensive overseas markets.  Traka won the Queen's Award for Enterprise Innovation in 2004.

2004-2007 - The concept of using the iFob as a replacement for a conventional key was quickly adapted and used as a form of buildings access control. This is now widely adopted as a very cost effective form of access control and can be used to control fork lift trucks, data racks in IT server computer centres, Banks and Cash-in-Transit sorting centres.

2007 - In early 2007 Traka moved to new premises, tripling its production capacity, and introduced new solutions in its product development to meet the increasing range of client applications. In particular a new range of intelligent electronic lockers using RFID technology to safe guard and manage access to assets such as PDA’s, laptops, cash trays, security radios and small weapons.

2008 - In 2008 Traka again won The Queen's Award for Enterprise - this time for International Trade. Our worldwide export trade now accounts for some 50% of annual turnover.

2009 - 2009 saw the introduction of a new standalone, Touch system interface to assist organisations in managing keys and equipment but who didn’t need the full networked capabilities of the Traka 32 software. The systems have been developed with many years of experience in the industry and can provide full user access levels and reporting facilities within the standalone system itself.

2010 - In 2010 Traka systems are now widely used in retail giants such as ASDA and Tesco through to Prisons and Police custody suites - from Industrial Plant Equipment and Mines through to Universities and Colleges. Traka also helps minimise physical loss or damage to company property and equipment and reduce operational downtime - all helping to improve an organisations 'bottom line'.

2011 - Saw the first install of Traka’s new web based, software administration tool, Traka Web. It provides a full suite of reports and it allows you to have complete control over your systems anytime anywhere as it can be maintained from your phone, ipad, computer or laptop.

2012 - Traka was acquired by ASSA ABLOY in April 2012 when we became part of the multi-billion pound global leader in door opening solutions.

2014 - Traka acquired eTag solutions which provide a software tool for the automotive industry. With eTag software specifically tailored towards the automotive industry, alongside Traka key management systems, it provided the ultimate end to end solution for automotive dealerships.

2015- The official launch of our new out of the box key management system, Traka21, which was the entry level of key management that required no network installation. Traka 21 is a plug and play, easy to use key management system that stores up to 21 keys and different access levels can be programmed within the system.

2019 - ASSA ABLOY and Traka sign an agreement to acquire KEYper Systems, a leading supplier of electronic and mechanical key management systems in the US, with a strong presence in the automotive segment. KEYper was established in 1993, and operates from its HQ in Harrisburg, NC.