Improve CSI scores

Improve your customer satisfaction rating, loyalty and retention

Traka Automotive eliminates errors, makes your staff happier, saves them time and allows them to focus more on the customer which will improve your CSI scores.

No lost customer keys

No need to replace locks. No unhappy customers. No hits on customer satisfaction.

Improved employee satisfaction

Equals more positive interaction with customers.

Demos are always available to be opened and driven

No waiting around for the key to be found and no need to rearrange a visit.

Differentiated service from the competition

WILL be visible to customers who will score their CSI experience higher with your dealership.

Audited responsibility for parking and Speeding fines

Which may be incurred after the keys are handed over to the dealership. No arguments with the customer over responsibility.

Demonstrable key security to customers

Differentiates your service from the competition. Many dealers show the system to customers to re-assure them their key is being tracked during it’s time in the business.

Staff can locate and handover the key promptly

And tell the customer exactly where their vehicle is parked when they come to collect it by looking at the software on their PC.

Increased productivity of Service Advisors

Allows them more time with each customer which will improve your CSI scores.