Increase profit

Make more money for your Dealership and improve management visibility and control

Traka Automotive gives you greater control over your business, productivity and profitability improvements across all departments and is simple to implement and maintain.

Know who was responsible for parking and Speeding fines

Undeniable proof provided by the system ensures the responsible member of staff is found responsible rather than a Director or Company Secretary.

Clear visibility of all keys and vehicles

Across the group to identify location of vehicles quickly and accurately from any desk, who is using it, where it has been.

Improved employee satisfaction

Keys and vehicles are located without delay, no asking around and no wasted time leaving staff free to get on and do their job.

Improved customer satisfaction

No waiting for keys or vehicle to be returned after a service, no more lost keys or replacement locks, no more missing keys when the customer wants a test-drive.

Huge productivity gains for all departments

Particularly in Aftersales, delivers significant extra profit to the bottom line. Saving just 5 minutes per day per Technician will pay for the system within a few months and keep on making you additional profit month after month thereafter.

Measure Parking Space usage

To improve overall use of capacity. Visual check of the key cabinet or software will highlight congested areas and under-utilised areas and identify improvements.

Demonstrable key security to customers

Differentiates your service from the competition. Many dealers show the system to customers to re-assure them their key is being tracked during it’s time in the business.

Sarbanes Oxley and Stock Audit reporting

Functionality ensures you can account for every vehicle at any moment, maximize your stock level during a stock check, speed up the time it takes to perform audits and reduce the administrative overhead associated with managing vehicles stocks and auditing.

Requires minimal training

With a fluid and easy to understand layout that users can get to grips with quickly reducing the impact of implementing the solution within your company.

Modern and effective process

Reflects dealer standards requirements. Customers expect modern dealerships to be using this kind of system.


From a single key cabinet and just a few users, up to multiple networked cabinets across ites with thousands of users.

High performance

Even with hundreds of users across your business, searches for keys take less than 100 milliseconds on the software but are rich in detail – showing, who is the current holder of the key, where the vehicle is parked, how long ago it was taken/put back, recent usage of the key, who currently holds it etc.

Documentary evidence

Of who accessed keys for CID investigation purposes