Link the system to building alarms for audible warnings

If the cabinet is broken into, accessed out of restricted hours or tampered with it can set off audible alarms.

Restricted access to cabinets and keys according to your procedures

The key cabinets and the software can be accessible to everyone or you can build simple or complicated access levels to suit your requirements.

Key cabinets can be configured with any form of access method your require

From Biometric access for maximum security or Swipe Card/Proximity Card access to integrate with existing access control systems used on site.

Roller Shutters can be fitted

Around your key cabinet and locked down when not in use to provide extremely tough additional security.

Controlled access to keys for valeters

And external staff who may be under contract allows you to maintain control over key usage whilst allowing them to get on with the work they need to do.

Heavy duty steel cabinets

Provide perfect balance between security and quick access for authenticated users.

Cabinets scalable from 10 to 1000s of keys

In single locations. Build the system exactly to your requirements. Cabinets can be increased in size very easily as your business needs grow.

Easy to relocate and reconfigure

As your requirements change.