Sell more cars

Improve the Sales Department Performance

Allow your sales team to focus on selling by saving them time hunting for keys and vehicles, enable them to demo 1st time every time, photograph that stock vehicle for your website immediately and win extra sales as a result. Give Sales Managers complete visibility of sales staff activity, demonstrator usage, weekend test drives and unauthorised vehicle use

Clear visibility of stock across the group

Identify location of vehicles quickly and accurately from any desk, who is using it, where it has been.

No lost keys

No ordering new keys from parts – save on costs. How many replacement keys are ordered through Parts department and never collected because the original key is subsequently found?

Know who was responsible for parking and Speeding fines

Undeniable proof provided by the system ensures the responsible member of staff is found responsible rather than a Director or Company Secretary.

Improved Employee Satisfaction

Keys and vehicles are located without delay, no asking around and no wasted time leaving staff free to get on and do their job.

Full history of key movements

Know who has taken a key and when, who demo’d, who worked on, who cleaned a vehicle, where it moved from and to and where it is located now.

Restrict access to specific keys like demos

So they are always available to the right people.

Ensure a demo can be completed every time

Thereby maximizing the opportunity to sell to the customer. There is nothing more annoying to a customer than not being able to test drive the vehicle they have chosen and nothing more wasteful to the dealership than not being able to take advantage of strong buying signals.

Integration with the DMS

Eliminates duplicate data entry when adding keys and keeps data aligned between the two systems.

Track keys and progress of vehicles at offsite storage and prep facilities

Giving full visibility of SOR stock to sales department wherever the vehicle is located across the group. Usage of the key is displayed in the software which gives sales staff knowledge about what stage the vehicle preparation has reached which allows them to keep the customer informed.

Fully audit the movement of keys between locations

How long did it take to move a vehicle from Site A to Site B, when was it done, by whom?

Measure Parking Space usage

To improve overall use of capacity. Visual check of the key cabinet on our software will highlight congested areas and under-utilised areas and identify improvements.

Alarms for late return of demos

Alerts for the Sales Manager to ensure availability for customers at all times.

Quick reporting on specific vehicles

Allows Sales Managers to check usage of demonstrator vehicles over the weekend or if they were away from the business. Cross-check with showroom logs.

Perform a simple comparison of demonstrator usage

To understand which models/colours/specifications are driven more often.