How Traka Automotive can benefit you

Our solution gives you positive improvements right across the business from security and auditability to clearly quantified ROI benefits to employee and customer satisfaction enhancements. To see all the system benefits click here. To see the benefits grouped into topical areas please click on any of the images below

Designed for automotive

  • Designed and built entirely for automotive dealerships
  • Configured around the processes used in dealerships day to day
  • The only viable electronic key management solution for automotive

Sell more cars

  • Focus sales staff on selling
  • Save the sales department time and effort
  • Win extra sales
  • Management visibility of sales staff activity

Workshop Efficiency

  • Improve efficiency of your Productives
  • Reduce Downtime in the Workshop
  • Seamlessly connect the functions within your Aftersales process

Increase Profit

  • Save all departments time, effort and money
  • Reduce losses
  • Greater management visibility and control over your whole business

Security and Audit Trails

  • Track key and vehicle around the site and between locations
  • Turns transactional data into Management Information
  • Highly flexible, scalable and configurable
  • Puts you in control of your keys

Improve CSI Scores

  • Eliminates errors.
  • Makes your staff happier.
  • Saves staff time.
  • Allows staff to focus more on the customer.