Designed for automotive

Traka Automotive software is specifically architected for automotive environments, more functionally rich, easier to use and delivers a better financial return than any other key management solution. There is no better choice for Automotive Dealerships!

Designed with Dealerships in mind

Staff are busy and do not have time for more data entry. Minimal key strokes are required to perform actions, all daily tasks are accomplished from one screen, functions are intuitive enough that users can get to grips without requiring training – a great deal of focus has been put into delivering a “light touch” application which users positively endorse.

Random Return processes are at the core of our solution

Keys and vehicles move around your business and often between your locations. Hardware, Software and Processes are designed to facilitate this and give you deep knowledge of the journey a vehicle has taken through your operation, be it on the Sales side or the Service side

Simple, at a glance visibility of where keys are

Better performance and fewer support requirements at a lower cost

Traka Automotive software is fundamentally architectured to work across the WAN for multiple locations from a single server. An unlimited number of users, client PCs and cabinets can be used at no extra cost. Automatic communication with key cabinets ensures the latest information is always available to all users without manual intervention.

Maximising Return

It does not matter how pretty or how secure a key cabinet is, without the Traka Automotive software and processes wrapped around, it is not going to deliver a solid and proven ROI

DMS integration

Integrates directly with popular Dealer Management Systems to pull through vehicle records and eliminate unnecessary data entry for users. We can also import from and export to your own bespoke databases to provide real-time key and vehicle information

Track keys acround the country

Our server software is designed to be low-bandwidth, with communication between key cabinets and client PCs being heavily optimised allowing you to run a central server to cater for all of your locations. Keys can then be tracked as they move from one key cabinet to another no matter where they are in the country.

Track Vehicle Location

When searching for a key users will automatically be given the parking location of the vehicle related to the key - no more wasting time locating the vehicle!

Sarbanes-Oxley compliance

We can assist in providing key data for use with Sarbanes-Oxley compliance. For example if a dealership has an audit of vehicles, the vehicles that were not present at time of audit can be confirmed as present later in the day when the key was returned.

Intelligent Fob

Each key that needs to be tracked is securely attached to an intelligent fob. This fob contains a unique serial number and is used to track the movement of the key in or out of a key cabinet whether within the same location or across the country.

Building, safe, vehicle, door etc. keys can all be tracked securely. When placing a key into a cabinet it can be registered to a specific position within the cabinet ensuring that the key is always returned to that position or can be configured to be returned to any position allowing for process mapping e.g. returning a key to a specific group of positions means it is in valet etc. or a parking layout can be overlaid allowing for automatic parking location tracking.