Traka Automotive electronic key management sees increased demand following successful expansion into Ireland

Traka Automotive, which boasts the UK’s most advanced networked key management solution for car dealers, has seen rapid acceleration in demand for its systems over the last 12 months following expansion into Ireland. Traka has now installed its key management system in 390 dealer sites, fitting more than 750 key cabinets with more than 195,000 slots for keys, located in both sales and service centres across UK and Ireland. Traka Automotive enables dealers to locate keys and vehicles for those keys much more quickly and easily using Traka’s client software and key cabinets.

Traka Automotive now has more than 46,500 registered and authorised users and systems live that have collectively seen 123.4 million individual key movements, helping to secure well over six million cars. These systems enable dealers to dedicate more staff resources into selling, servicing, preparation and serving the customer by eliminating hours of time spent previously locating keys and finding cars each week.

In March 2018, the number of key movements in and out of Traka cabinets was 2.49m with 160,000 new vehicle keys attached to Traka intelligent key fobs (iFobs) during the month. More than 1.89m new searches for keys were completed across all sites during the month of March alone. There are now over 15,089 PCs and mobile devices using Traka Automotive’s client software to query the system, find keys and query key movement history.

Paul Smith, director, Traka Automotive explains:

The statistics tell the story not only of our rapidly increasing market share but also of close to 100% adoption of our systems by staff and managers who are seeing real value from using it to keep track of keys day in, day out. It’s saving them time and their employers’ money as productivity improvements in dealerships hit the bottom-line within six months of Traka’s installation.

Vehicle key management is paramount for dealerships using the Traka Automotive system. Access to keys is only given to authorised individuals using PIN codes, proximity access cards or biometric fingerprint readers.  When a vehicle arrives at a dealership, details are pulled from the DMS into the Traka Automotive software automatically. New sets of keys are allocated and attached to an iFob which identifies the car during its life within the business. As the iFob is slotted into a networked Traka key cabinet, the system records which slot and cabinet it is in, who had those keys last and when they returned the keys to that cabinet.  In this way, the Traka system provides a full audit trail of movement and vital knowledge about activity being undertaken on a specific vehicle. 

As well as reducing incidents of lost or misplaced keys, Traka Automotive software saves time which is otherwise wasted searching for keys and vehicles. This is helping improve staff productivity and dealer profitability to the point where Return on Investment is achievable in as little as four months.

Since June 2016, Traka Automotive system users have been able to access the system via Android and Apple iPhone or iPad smart mobile devices. This enables staff to find out which cabinet is holding relevant keys and where the vehicle is parked in seconds via their mobile device right there and then, rather than calling a desk-bound colleague, to raise the query - saving the business even more valuable time.

About Traka Automotive

Traka Automotive was created following ASSA ABLOY’s acquisition of eTag Solutions for an undisclosed sum in late 2015. Traka Automotive forms part of Traka which is itself an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

About Traka

Traka is a world leader in innovative technology for sophisticated intelligent access control, key management control solutions and keyless electronic lockers. Originally the manufacturer of one of the world's first electronic key management systems, Traka is now used extensively in the UK and in over 30 countries worldwide in diverse sectors including property access control in prisons, secure units, hospitals, hotels, schools, universities and managed accommodation; distribution and MHE management; fleet management in police, road haulage and car dealerships; equipment, asset management and control in casinos, petrochemical, mining, airports, docks, railways, quarries, military and emergency services.

Traka has an extensive network of overseas distributors providing sales, consultancy, installation and support services for its customer-base outside the UK.