Traka Automotive helps reduce time to find and move cars into bays at busy Kearys Hyundai Service Centre in Cork

Networked key management solution provider to car dealers and service centres Traka Automotive, has provided a 180 slot key cabinet to Kearys Hyundai Service Centre in Cork City. The Traka system has helped this busy service centre to cut the time spent by technicians locating and moving cars into its workshop bays by more than seven minutes per job.

Before the Traka system was installed, it took technicians an average of 10 minutes to find and move a new customer’s vehicle which might be parked anywhere across this large, multi-franchise Kearys Motor Group site on the Kinsale Road on the outskirts of Cork City, Ireland.

The Service Manager there, Peter Keegan, was able to verify this because he asked all his technicians to clock the time when they picked up a job card with a viewing to starting work on a new car via its Jade Solutions job progress tracking system called Approach. He also asked them to clock the time again when the same car reached a free bay.

Peter had already zoned the car park to make it easier to find service vehicles – asking the customer to circle on a map which zone he or she had parked their car in. This helped reduce the time to find the car to the previous average of 10 minutes.

However, following the introduction of the Traka key cabinet system, the time taken to get the vehicle into a bay reduced from 10 minutes to between two and three minutes. Traka helped save this 12-bay service department, handling more than 30 cars per day, up to 30 minutes per technician per day. This meant that across the 12 full-time technicians employed there, Kearys Hyundai was able to save over five hours every full working day.

Peter Keegan, service manager, Kearys Hyundai Service Centre, explains:

My team is happier as they are able to manage the increasing workload here and don’t have the frustration of wandering around the car park looking for vehicles, rather than getting on with paid jobs. In this respect, the Traka system combined with car park zoning, have made a big difference to our productivity.

Peter has tailored its use of the Traka system to meet his operational needs exactly. So once a car comes in for servicing, a new job card is created explaining the servicing requirement and the corresponding car key is assigned to a unique Traka iFob. The iFob’s number is then written onto the job card. The key is put into the Traka cabinet in the corresponding colour-coded zone of the cabinet to match the location of the car, while the job cards are placed in a rack right alongside the cabinet.

So, if the vehicle is parked at the front of the Hyundai showroom that’s one zone of the cabinet, the back of the Kearys Renault used showroom another, outside the Servicing area a third and so on.

The final piece is to log the iFob number in the Approach system so that a technician can go straight from the physical job card or the Approach system to the right slot and set of keys in the Traka key cabinet and from there straight to the right part of the car park to retrieve the car when the time is right to do the work. Following the introduction of the Traka system, Peter no longer needs to ask technicians to clock in before they go hunting for cars because he knows the time taken to find and move cars is negligible.

Paul Smith, director, Traka Automotive explains:

Kearys Hyundai’s work to track the amount of time being wasted finding vehicles before servicing them means that we can verify that more than five hours of productive time is being unlocked each day by this 12-bay dealership through the use of the Traka system. If you run the numbers, based on technicians’ time saved, you reach a very strong return on investment figure. I reckon that in this instance Kearys Hyundai got their money back in under three months – a figure that we’ve seen in a few different service centres throughout the UK already.

About Traka Automotive

Traka Automotive was created following ASSA ABLOY’s acquisition of eTag Solutions for an undisclosed sum in late 2015. Traka Automotive forms part of Traka which is itself an ASSA ABLOY Group brand.

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