Keys are an important asset in your organisation. Without control over your keys, you don’t have control over your vehicles. Traka key cabinets only allow authorised users to access these keys, ensuring they remain accounted for at all times.

Intelligent Fob

Each key that needs to be tracked is securely attached to an intelligent fob. This fob contains a unique serial number and is used to track the movement of the key in or out of a key cabinet whether within the same location or across the country.

Building, safe, vehicle, door etc. keys can all be tracked securely. When placing a key into a cabinet it can be registered to a specific position within the cabinet ensuring that the key is always returned to that position or can be configured to be returned to any position allowing for process mapping e.g. returning a key to a specific group of positions means it is in valet etc. or a parking layout can be overlaid allowing for automatic parking location tracking.

Restrict access

Users can be restricted to specific key cabinets and specific days and times, and users can also be restricted to specific keys. For example a specific area of a cabinet can be designated as use for high value cars and when keys are placed into that area they can only be removed by users who have been given access to that area.

Further enhancing the security, any key cabinet can be configured with steel roller shutters.

Move keys around the site

Keys can monitored from one key cabinet to another allowing the process flow of a key to be monitored for example a key moving from Sales to Service to Valet to Driver.

Move keys across the country

Keys can be monitored across key cabinets located in different geographical locations, for example from arrival in the country to prep to dealer site.

Upgradeable to 1000’s of positions

Each key cabinet can be upgraded from 1 to 540 positions at any time allowing the solution to scale as your business or needs grow. The server software can support an unlimited number of key cabinets meaning you can track hundreds of thousands of keys across your business.

Secure specific keys

Positions within the key cabinet can be configured with a secure locking mechanism meaning the key cannot be removed from the position without appropriate authorisation.

Fingerprint access

Our key cabinets can be configured with state of the art fingerprint recognition technology further enhancing the security of the system.

RFID access

We can provide RFID based access to the key cabinets either as our standard or integrate with your existing access cards/tokens.

Customisable iTags

Our iTags are customisable with your own logo, text and choice of colour. These prevent staff accidentally leaving the iFob attached to customer keys and can be scanned in conjunction with our Mobile App to make key assignment even easier.