Jardine Motors Group

Jardine Motors Group realises over £50,000 savings per Service Centre site from Traka Automotive key management

Jardine Motors Group Background:

Jardine Motors Group was placed number 8 in the latest AM100 list of top UK dealership groups published in June 2018. The Group has over 3,600 staff employed across more than 70 Sales, Servicing and Pre-Delivery Inspection (PDI) centres and represents some 20 car manufacturer brands right across the UK. It recorded 2017/2018 annual sales of £2.1bn from over 67,000 new and approved used car sales in 2018.

Jardine Motors Group now has a total of 52 sites, mostly trading under the Lancaster brand, using the Traka Automotive key management system today. As such Jardine’s is the second largest dealer group user of Traka Automotive’s networked key management systems.

For more information on Jardine Motor Group, please visit their website www.jardinemotors.co.uk

Jardine’s in Milton Keynes

A total of four Jardine Motors Group sites in Milton Keynes have been fully networked to optimise efficiencies, with other Milton Keynes sites under consideration for joining the data network. Networked sites today include the BMW Mini Sales & Service Centre site employing 95 staff; the Audi Sales & Service Centre employing 126; and Skoda and Volkswagen Sales, Service Centre and Valet facility employing another 100. All three of these sites are served by a 430-car capacity PDI Centre employing 30 people and based in Kiln Farm nearly 10 miles away from Jardine’s Milton Keynes dealership sites.

Traka Automotive deployed across 4 networked Jardine’s Milton Keynes sites

Across all four large sites there are a total of 12 Traka Automotive key cabinets and slots for some 2,580 iFobs holding one, two and sometimes three sets of a car’s keys each. Biometric finger print recognition provides highly secure access to all cabinets for the 368 authorised staff employed across all four sites.

Some 200 networked laptop and desktop PCs currently have access to the Traka Automotive software for viewing key records and movements and locating which cabinet any set of keys they need is located regardless of whether it is in the showroom, PDI centre, or for servicing or valeting across any of the four sites.

Car and car key losses stopped

Roger Dawkins, Group Safety, Security & Facility Manager, Jardine Motors Group, explains the value of the networked Traka Automotive key management system for him:

The Traka Automotive software’s Management Information and Reporting facility enables me to very quickly find out which sets of car keys are not safely secured in a Traka cabinet at the end of each working day.

Some cars will be out for good reason - perhaps because some specialist body shop or wheel re-alloying work is being completed on a vehicle offsite, prior to delivery back to us for customer collection. However, there is no doubt that having full visibility over every set of keys makes all staff think twice about leaving keys in their desk draw, pocket or driving one of our more luxurious models out for the night.

Roger Dawkins continued:

If you look back to the time before installation of Traka Automotive’s latest software, there was definitely some abuse of stock by some staff and contractors. We were exposed to risk that cars would simply disappear between a process like valeting and coming back onto the dealership for display or customer pick-up. Now all of that has stopped. We’ve had no incidents of car theft or lost keys since the system was fully networked.

Audi Warrington Service Centre Time & Motion Study proved rapid ROI for Traka system

Before wider implementation of Traka Automotive across Jardine Motors Group, the Group conducted a Time and Motion study in one of its Audi Sales & Service Centre sites in Warrington. This study focused on the time it was taking technicians to locate a set of keys, find the car for those keys and then drive it into a servicing bay.

Roger Dawkins details the findings of the study:

We found that each of our 20 Audi-trained technicians in the 21-ramp Audi Service Centre at Warrington was wasting an average of ten minutes per day each in the process of looking for keys and cars prior to moving them into a service bay. That’s 200 minutes or 3 hours and 20 minutes of lost earnings at £70 per day equals about £260 being lost to the business each working day across the whole team. So, over a five day working week and an average of 260 working days per year, this was a total loss to the business of £67,600 per year.

Based on this saving, we worked out that the Return on Investment in the Traka Automotive key management system at this site alone was achievable in just over two months. We reckon there was also a 10-15 per cent productivity gain in our Service Centres and PDI hubs right there.

Service Centre key cabinets set up to help find cars as well as keys

All Jardine’s Milton Keynes sites are quite large, demanding use of colour-coded parking zones for new, approved used, servicing and cars for valeting. Before a service consultant books the customer’s car key into the Traka Automotive system he or she will ask the customer which area they parked their car. The consultant will then match that information to the colour-coded location in the key cabinet so that when the technician goes to the cabinet to pick up the keys they also know exactly what part of the car park that car is in, without needing to go back to front desk staff to check.

Roger Dawkins added:

Parking zoning, which is encouraged and enabled by the Traka Automotive system, really helps short-circuit the hunt for vehicles. When so many cars are grey, black or white these days it helps to know you’re searching in the right zone of what is collectively a very large, and often very full, car park.

Traka’s ‘My held’ report aids key loss associated with holding multiple keys

The Traka Automotive software also helps sales and service centre staff which have had to take out several sets of keys at the same time. This happens if cars are blocked in - requiring a couple of cars to be moved at the same time as moving one into a customer collection area or to go to valeting for example.

If one person holds several sets of keys it’s more likely that a set will be left on the driving seat of a different car, or perhaps will slip out of a salesman’s pocket down the side of a seat out of view.

When a set of keys cannot be accounted for in a given day, the Traka software user can go to his or her ‘My Held’ record which simply provides a report of all the keys taken out that day together with registrations, make, model and colour. It also shows the sets of keys that are still out. Then it’s just a case of opening up and inspecting the other cars on that list as nine times out of ten they are in one of them. It is also possible to view ‘My held’ records from a specific day if a loss is discovered later.

Key system helps manage stock turnover of approved used cars

Roger Dawkins explains again:

The Traka Automotive system is also used to monitor the age of approved used stock. We can use the system’s Stationery Vehicles Report to see how many days any vehicle’s been on-site. This report is used daily, particularly by approved used salespeople to assess when prices need to be dropped bearing in mind our 90 days maximum turnaround deadline. This report also helps us determine when vehicles need to be moved on to the auction for example.  It also helps us work out when to trim prices.

It tells sales people how long any vehicle has gone without being looked at or moved. I can quickly see who had the vehicle last and then, if necessary, ask the sales person what happened to that vehicle. If they see used cars not sold for more than 30 days they will go and have a look at the quality of its online photography, and increasingly video, on Auto Trader and elsewhere. They might go to Auto Trader’s iControl price comparison tool to make sure it’s priced to sell.

Tight security around deeper cabinets

To ensure that no authorised staff were opening the Traka cabinets for un-authorised contractors or visitors, Jardine’s has also decided to cite networked surveillance cameras where they can capture all movements in and out of the cabinet. Such is the value of sets of keys today that this makes sense.

Jardine’s has also provided input and advice to Traka Automotive to develop deeper key cabinets designed to hold some of the larger and more expensive sets of keys, including the new BMW LCD Display Keys which are each the size of a small smartphone.

Darren McLellan, Deputy Supervisor, Jardine PDI Centre Milton Keynes, explains:

In PDI we need to get at least two sets of each new car onto each iFob, so it makes sense to have these deeper, solid metal and polycarbonate key cabinets with reinforced hinges to hold and secure them all.

In summary

Jardine Motors Group is now using the Traka networked key management system in three-quarters of its Sales, Service Centre and PDI Centres to unlock the following benefits:

  1. Delivering 10-15% productivity increase in Jardine’s Service Centres group-wide
  2. Eliminating lost key events which the dealership had to pay for which cost upwards of £150 each time
  3. Helping improve used car stock turn
  4. Speeding up vehicle movements between 4 networked sites in Milton Keynes
  5. Providing valuable Management Information to senior managers and sales team to prevent stock ‘slipping between the cracks’ and generally providing a great deal more stock reporting and transparency.
  6. Increasing sense of accountability and ownership (of key whereabouts) amongst authorised staff
  7. Aiding continual ‘online shop window’ improvements
  8. Improving customer experience & CSI scores – particularly associated with rapid reporting to customers of their car’s whereabouts & delivering it back to them in a timely manner
  9. Supporting Jardine’s brand promise based on consistent delivery of top notch customer service in its showrooms and service centres.

Roger Dawkins, Group Safety, Security & Facility Manager, Jardine Motors Group, sums up:

“The Traka Automotive key management system is perfect for Jardine Motors Group. It’s a top notch system which fits exactly with our brand values and desire to deliver a first class experience to all our customers, every time they come into one of our showrooms or service centres. Traka is simply the best partner to help us deliver on this key brand promise.”