Sytner Audi - West London

Traka Automotive delivers networked key management solution for worlds’ largest Audi dealership – West London Audi

Traka Automotive, the leading provider of key management systems for automotive dealerships, has delivered its electronic key management solution for West London Audi. Covering 190,000 square feet with 116 cars displayed over three showroom floors, West London Audi characterises a new generation of dealerships which demand a key management solution that can cope with the complexities of a new breed of state-of-the-art dealerships.

West London Audi was officially opened on October 19th 2009 and represents a £45 million investment for Audi UK and Sytner Group. Located on the A4 Great West Road near Brentford, the dealership is minutes from the M4 and is set to welcome 30,000 visitors during its first 12 months. The seven storey glass and metal building was conceived by architects Wilkinson Eyre, designers of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

The dealership had a host of demands for its key management solution, ensuring that it would provide a ‘best fit’ with daily working procedures, deliver tight security and minimise staff time looking for key and vehicle locations. Traka Automotive worked together with West London Audi for over a year prior to opening, first carrying out a detailed workflow audit to examine how vehicles move around the dealership.

With this analysis complete, Traka ensured the optimal location of their key cabinets across the site to achieve ‘just-in-time’ key availability to maximise staff efficiency. In addition to 116 cars on display in the showroom, West London Audi also has two basement levels with a 32 bay service workshop and hundreds of customer car parking spaces. All spaces are zoned within coloured areas and numbered to correspond with coloured and numbered locations within the key cabinets to ensure simple key return. The Traka Automotive software is configured with the same logic and networked on PCs throughout the dealership allowing staff to easily track key and vehicle movements.

After analysing reports generated from the Traka software, within the first twenty days of operation at West London Audi its 100 employees had generated 16,000 instances of keys being used or returned to key cabinets and over 9,000 searches via the software to establish the location of a key or vehicle.

Ray Campbell, head of business for West London Audi, commented:

A dealership as large and sophisticated as West London Audi presents logistical challenges around location and movement of keys and vehicles, which can lead to wasted time and productivity and affect customer and employee satisfaction. Traka worked with us very closely over a long period of time to understand how the new location would operate.

They designed a key management solution which fits perfectly. User acceptance is high from the start and the system was delivering clear value from day 1. Without Traka we would be losing valuable employee time. - multiplying individual time savings by the number of staff we employ adds up to a significant saving and gives us competitive advantage. When you combine the time savings with the number of key movements, it is easy to see a rapid return on our investment.

Paul Smith, Director - Traka Automotive, said:

We are delighted to contribute to the success of such a prestigious dealership as West London Audi. The volume of key movements they are seeing there is staggering. Most dealers are not aware of and do not measure time looking for keys and vehicles – it affects sales, after sales and quality of customer service equally. We believe that implementing Traka pays for itself within a few months and continues to contribute to the bottom line many years into the future.