Traka Automotive Premium


Traka’s iFob is a nickel-plated brass device with a unique electronic ID, that when secured to a key set enables those keys to be identified to Traka’s cabinets and software, and all its activity recorded.



Enhance the look of your system with robust, beautifully designed, pre-numbered tags for each key slot position. iTag dimensions 53mm x 28mm each. For use with G-Rings and can also be paired with a Hard Case for extra resilience in high usage environments.



Used to attach TrakaMEC iTags to your iFob or any other tag you want to attach. Formed as a G-Ring, it makes attaching items slightly easier.


Hard and Soft Cases

Hard and Soft Cases are for use with iTags and G-Rings. The iTag is placed inside the Case and the G-Ring is inserted through the hole. This protects the iTag against any damage in heavy usage environments.

 Security seal

Security Seals

Our tamper proof security seals enbsure your keys are securley attached to the iFob. The braded steel locking design provides a greater level of security than the standard G-Rings.

Prox Token

Proximity Tokens

Traka can provide your business with proximity card keyfobs, offering proximity technology in a convenient, pocket size device. The proximity tokens easily attach to a key ring, badge clip or lanyard.