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TrakaMEC USERfobs are given to authorised users within your business allowing them to access securely stored keys in TrakaMEC key management system.

TrakaMEC USERfobs are available in 6 colours; Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue, Orange



TrakaMEC KEYfobs are used to securely store your car keys in the TrakaMEC key management system. Secured with a label seal, keys can only be removed by authorised users who have their own USERfob.

TrakaMEC KEYfobs are available in 6 colours; Yellow, White, Red, Green, Blue, Orange.



Enhance the look of your system with robust, beautifully designed, pre-numbered tags for each key slot position. iTag dimensions 53mm x 28mm each. For use with G-Rings and can also be paired with a Hard Case for extra resilience in high usage environments.



Used to attach TrakaMEC iTags to your KEYfob or any other tag you want to attach. Formed as a G-Ring, it makes attaching items slightly easier.


Hard Case

Hard Cases are for use with TrakaMEC iTags and G-Rings. The iTag is placed inside the Hard Case and the G-Ring is inserted through the hole. This protects the iTag against any damage in heavy usage environments.


Label Seals

TrakaMEC label seals are designed to securely attach your car keys to TrakaMEC KEYfobs. Each label seal has a white box on either side allowing you to write down information such as car registration or parking bay number which allows you to quickly locate the vehicle.

TrakaMEC label seals are available in 6 colours; Yellow, White, Blue, Orange, Silver and Red



TrakaMEC plinths are designed to be used with TrakaMEC Supreme cabinets. Featuring the same colour powder coating, plinths are placed underneath cabinet to support its weight. Each TrakaMEC supreme cabinet has welded in, threaded cylinders allowing each plinth to be securely fixed to the base of the cabinet and mounted to the floor.


Mirror Hangers

Mirror hangers are used to write down the KEYfob position in the cabinet. TrakaMEC offers numbered labels which can be stuck on to the mirror hanger. Numbered hangers are also available (pictured).



TrakaMEC cutters are designed to cut through the label seal attached to vehicle keys and KEYfob once the vehicle has been sold or moved from your dealership.


ID Seals

TrakaMEC Name ID seals are designed to be securely attached to your individual USERfob. Each Name ID seal has a white box on one side allowing you to write down your name to identify ownership of the USERfob. TrakaMEC Name ID seals come in one colour only - Green