We recognise that an investment in key management solutions can be significant for any business.

It is therefore imperative that Return on Investment (ROI) is guaranteed and monitored. High turnover of staff, constantly evolving sites layouts, outsourcing of some functions, such as valeting, to 3rd parties, increasing stock levels and many other factors contribute to a challenging environment for Managers to control. Your key system is rarely top of the list of things to think about. That’s why we provide our customers with a comprehensive set of Managed Services which frees them up to focus on vehicles and ensures we keep a close eye on your keys to ensure your key system is being used as effectively as possible.

When you purchase a Traka system, we pride ourselves on the fact that you are buying more than just a physical box. The service provision you can expect from Traka will include...

  • An experienced engineer to install the system at your site
  • A project manager to help you plan your system configuration – your keys, users, their permissions and reports you want to prepare
  • Training for your users and administrators
  • Aftercare from our account management team
  • Telephone assistance using our dedicated help line direct to our customer support centre