Workshop efficiency

Improve the Aftersales Department Performance

Traka Automotive improves the efficiency of your Aftersales operation. Technicians and other Productives are one of your most valuable assets – saving them time on every job contributes directly to the department bottom line

Full history of key movements

Know who has taken a key and when, who worked on, who cleaned a vehicle, where it moved from and to and where it is located now.

Restrict access to specific keys like Courtesy Cars

So they are always available to loan out.

Controlled access to keys for valeters

And external staff who may be under contract allows you to maintain control over key usage whilst allowing them to get on with the work they need to do.

Very fast key tagging from the service desk to suit busy periods

Records are pulled from the DMS for key assignment meaning minimal data entry is required. Advisors will therefore maximize their time with the customer.

No lost customer keys

No need to replace locks. No unhappy customers. No hits on customer satisfaction.

Deliver vehicle back to the customer promptly

Staff will know exactly where they key is located and where the vehicle is parked from the eTag software on their PC.

Quick vehicle and key location lookup

From any PC for any member of staff. The system is designed to disseminate information to where staff need it therefore the software is quick and easy to load onto any PC anywhere in the dealership at no extra cost.

Huge productivity gains in the Workshop

Every minute saved by every technician, service advisor, driver and valeter can be productively re-employed making the business money. Saving just 5 minutes per day per Technician will pay for the system within months and keep on making you additional profit month after month thereafter.

Get extra work done in the same number of hours

Time is wasted by staff looking for keys, asking where vehicles are located, chasing down colleagues with keys…Eliminate this waste from the business and spend the time booking more jobs, selling more hours and more parts.

Improved Employee satisfaction

Keys are a necessary evil. It is extremely frustrating for staff to waste time hunting for keys when they could be getting on with work, particularly if they are bonus’ed on productivity or customer facing. Knowing the location of a key and vehicle instantly will make their lives easier.

Know who was responsible for parking and Speeding fines

Undeniable proof provided by the system ensures the responsible member of staff is found responsible rather than a Director or Company Secretary.

Increased productivity of Service Advisors

Allows them more time with each customer and removes un-necessary stress connected with keys.

Demonstrable key security to customers

Differentiates your service from the competition. Many dealers show the system to customers to re-assure them their key is being tracked during it’s time in the business.

Integration with the DMS eliminates duplicate data entry

When adding keys and keeps data aligned between the two systems.

Fully audit the movement of keys between locations

How long did it take to move a vehicle from Site A to Site B, when was it done, by whom?

Measure PDI processes

Step by step, by whom, how long each step took – to identify strengths and weaknesses, compare staff and improve performance.

Measure Parking Space usage to improve overall use of capacity

Visual check of the key cabinet or software will highlight congested areas and under-utilised areas and identify improvements.