Project Management

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Project management begins from the moment that you decide to place your order with Traka. Our specialist customer account managers work behind the scenes with our sales team to ensure a seamless handover. Our project managers will co-ordinate the entire project. For more involved projects this usually starts with a pre-install visit to plan for the installation. They will work with you to help plan how the software can best be used to maximise the benefits for your organisation - thinking about key definitions, staff access levels and any special restrictions, permissions or configurations.

The customer account manager will assist with installing the necessary PC software and help configure the database with your IT team - thus ensuring that they are fully aware of the configuration and any backup procedures needed. They will also make you familiar with our standard management information reports and how to create any additional reports that you may need.

Finally, following installation, our customer account manager will provide training for your site administrators, and if requested, end-user training for your staff too. We want you to be entirely satisfied with our products and get maximum benefit from it - not just on the day - but for years to come.


Our project managers will oversee the entire project and assign an installation engineer. The installation engineer will be responsible for the physical installation, including connecting the cabinets to your power source and data communication points. The engineer will also install the necessary PC software and liaise with your IT team to ensure that they are fully aware of the configuration requirements.

Our engineers are also responsible for providing maintenance and warranty support to our customers. And should you take out one of our maintenance packages, you can expect to see them on site at least once a year to perform an annual 'health-check' and service.